Mad Dog Dura-Last Primer

Mad Dog

Gray (When Dry)

Mad Dog Dura-Last Primer(MDPDL) is an exterior water-based, non-toxic, stabilizing primer with a light gray 35% solids formula. Dura-Last Primer is designed for cost conscious projects which do not require tannin or rust blocking qualities. Dura-Last penetrates and stabilizes and prepares peeling paint, cracking stucco, wood, concrete surfaces. Using MDP effectively doubles or triples the job life of many projects.

Double or Triple the job life

Here are some practical examples of doubling or trippling the life of a job.

Repainting walls
Normally repainted every 6-8 years. With Mad Dog Primer the project can last 10-20 years with some touch up

Deck Railings
Normally refinished every 1-2 years. With Dura-Last primer the coating can help it last 3-6 years.

Using Dura-Last brings the maintenence cost of any project down significantly. When the surface does finally need to be recoated surface prep will be minimal before recoating.

Key Features of Mad Dog Dura-Last

  • Glue-like adhesion up to 200 PSI
  • Flexes up to 200%
  • Reduces prep needed for long-term job life
  • Dries in 1 hour, ready for second coat in 1-2 hours
  • Reduces and solves peeling paint, and stucco
  • Doubles and triples effective project life of trouble areas
  • Non-toxic, solvent free, non-mercuric
  • Low VOCs
  • Soap and water clean-up

Application of Mad Dog Dura-Last

  • Remove mold and mildew before painting. Allow appropriate dry time after cleaning
  • Air and Surface temp between 50F and 90F (10C to 32C)
  • Humidity less than 80%. Substrate moisture content should be approximately 15%
  • Do not apply Dura-Last if weather conditions will not allow the surface to dry before rain, dew, or freezing
  • Cool temperatures or high humidity can retard drying and curing. Allow overnight dry time in these conditions
  • Average complete cure time is 7-14 days
  • If Dura-Last does get wet before it is dry - allow the surface to completely dry then simply touch up/re-prime as needed.
  • Application Methods
    • Shake or stir before using
    • Do not thin under normal circumstances
    • Apply with brush, roller, or airless sprayer
    • Back brush or roll to work Dura-Last into cracks or edges
    • Airless Sprayer - Use .015" - .017" tip in the 1800-2200 PSI range.

Application(how-to) Video

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