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Mad Dog Deck Fix Primer(MDPDF) is a water-based, non-toxic, low VOC, stabilizing primer. Mad Dog Deck Fix Primer(MDPDF) penetrates in and around old coatings to stabilizes your peeling deck surface. MDPDF also works extremely well for new or old weathered decks and railings, not just brand new decks! MDPDFprimer goes on like glue, remains flexible, and locks down solid latex decking stain for years and years so you can get the most out of your deck.

Mad Dog Deck Fix Key Features

  • Reduces & solves decking problems
  • Reduces excessive preparation
  • Lets moisture breathe through coatings.
  • Reduces and stops rusty nail head bleed
  • Effective on light and moderate rust and tannin bleed
  • Effectively doubles and triples the project life of trouble areas
  • Glue-like adhesion up to 300 PSI
  • Flexes up to 300%
  • Uses Weather Smart™ Technology
  • Non-toxic, solvent free, non-mercuric
  • Low VOCs (below .40 lbs per gal)
  • Soap and water clean-up

Application of MDDF

  • Shake or stir before application
  • Do not thin in normal use
  • Apply with brush, roller, or airless sprayer(.015-.017" tip @1800-2200PSI)
  • Be sure to back brush/roll into cracks or edges
  • After proper application MDDF should dry to a sheen. Apply second coat if dull spots appear
  • If excessive absorption occurs over very porous substrates a second coat may be necessary
  • Top coat with 100% latex top-coat, non-alkyd modified. 2 coats is recommended for best results
  • One gallon will cover 300-350 sq. feet

Surface Prep

Surfaces to be coated should be clean, dry, and free of grease, oil, wax, wallpaper adhesive, and other contaminants that could interfere with proper adhesion. Scrape and wash the surface as necessary, allowing appropriate drying time after.

Bare wood that has been exposed for more than 4 weeks should be lightly sanded or abraded to remove weathered wood fibers down to a pink color.

Sock Advisory!

MDPDF will remain tacky until top coated. We recommend you remove your shoes when walking on MDPDF when it is dry. We recommend you wear only socks when applying the 1st finish coat of solid latex decking stain. Your socks are more forgiving to the tacky primer and will not tear up the Deck Fix from the deck surface.

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