Mad Dog Crack Fix: Crack Stabilizing Primer

Mad Dog

Exterior / Interior:
Light Gray / White (When Dry)

Mad Dog Crack Fix(MDPCF) is a water-based, non-toxic, stabilizing interior primer. Mad Dog Crack Fix(MDPCF) penetrates, stabilizes and prepares peeling paint, cracking stucco and plaster, rusty and galvanized metal, wood, and concrete surfaces. MDPCF often doubles or triples the life of most projects.

Usage of Crack Fix(MDPCF)

Designed for bridging and filling cracks and splits in all exterior and interior surfaces.

  • Adheres to plaster, concrete, stucco, masonry, wood, wallboard
  • Bridges and fills cracks in all substrates
  • Prevents cracks from recurring
  • Mold & mildew resistant

Key Features of Mad Dog Primer(MDPCF)

  • 35% Solids
  • 200% flexibility/200 PSI Adhesion
  • 200-300sqft Coverage/Gallon
  • Dries in 1 hour. Recoat in 1-2 hours
  • Dries light grey, tacky to the touch
  • 100% Latex
  • Low odor, Low VOC (
  • Soap and water clean-up

Application of Mad Dog Primer(MDPCF)

  • Remove mold and mildew before painting. Allow appropriate dry time after cleaning
  • Air and Surface temp between 50F and 90F (10C to 32C)
  • Humidity less than 80%. Substrate moisture content should be approximately 15%
  • Do not apply MDPCF if weather conditions will not allow the surface to dry before rain, dew, or freezing
  • Cool temperatures or high humidity can retard drying and curing. Allow overnight dry time in these conditions
  • Average complete cure time is 7-14 days
  • If MDPCF does get wet before it is dry - allow the surface to completely dry then simply touch up/reprime as needed.
  • Application Methods
    • Shake or stir before using
    • Do not thin under normal circumstances
    • Apply with brush

Surface Prep

Surfaces to be coated should be clean, dry, and free of grease, oil, wax, wallpaper adhesive, and other contaminants that could interfere with proper adhesion. Scrape and wash the surface as necessary, allowing appropriate drying time after.

Spec Sheets

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