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  • cal-tint exterior medium yellow
  • cal-tint bulletin red
  • cal-tint burnt sienna
  • cal-tint exterior light yellow
  • cal-tint permanent red
  • cal-tint burnt umber
  • cal-tint lamp black
  • cal-tint phthalo green
  • cal-tint venetian red
  • cal-tint raw sienna
  • cal-tint raw umber
  • cal-tint violet
  • cal-tint phthalo blue
  • cal-tint orange
  • cal-tint interior yellow

Cal-Tint II Colorants

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Product Description

Universal Paint Colorant

Cal-Tint ® 830 Colorants are Universal Paint Colorants that are designed to be compatable with most water-based and solvent-based paints, plasters, putties, and other decorative coatings. Cal-Tint is the standard is the industry for reliability and repeatability when tinting Paints, Plasters, Putties and other decorative items.

Universal Paint Tint

Cal-Tint Paint Tints work well with nearly every water-based and solvent-based paint on the market today. Cal Tint is often used to tint paint for film, TV, and live performance sets since it is so easy to work with and clean up. The easy-to-use squeeze bottles allow easy control of the amount of colorant you need, while keeping the process clean. No more worrying about drips going down the side of your paint can while tinting paint!

  • Packaged in 16oz. squeeze bottles - perfect for quick, easy, and clean tinting on-the-job
  • Lead-Free
  • Strength controlled +/- 2 vs. standard
  • Formulated to be light-fast
  • Self-Cleaning Cap
  • Universal Tinting Colors

Product Spec Sheets

Product Line Sheet

  • Bulletin Red Pint (830-0802) MSDS
  • Burnt Sienna Pint (830-1109) MSDS
  • Burnt Umber Pint (830-1313) MSDS
  • Exterior Light Yellow Pint (830-2501) MSDS
  • Exterior Medium Yellow Pint (830-2024) MSDS
  • Interior Yellow Pint (830-2506) MSDS
  • Lamp Black Pint (830-9907) MSDS
  • Light Green Pint (830-4333) MSDS
  • Perma Cal Orange Pint (830-0979) MSDS
  • Permanent Red Pint (830-0494) MSDS
  • Phthalo Blue Pint (830-7216) MSDS
  • Phthalo Green Pint (830-5515) MSDS
  • Raw Sienna Pint (830-1824) MSDS
  • Raw Umber Pint (830-2009) MSDS
  • Venetian Red Pint (830-1047) MSDS
  • Violet Pint (830-8895) MSDS

If you're wondering where to buy paint tint, look no further! Cal-Tint Universal Paint Tints are the most popular product on the market for a reason, and US Paint Supply is the number 1 retailer online. Read the reviews below to hear more from our customers!

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