Polyvine Classic Color


$23.99 - $64.99

Classic Color works great with Latex Paint

Easy to use - Add a quart of latex paint to one gallon of Classic Color and you are ready to glaze with a one hour work time.

Polyvine Classic Color is Ideal For

  • Walls
  • Doors
  • Furniture
  • Cabinets

Unique Qualities of Polyvine Classic Color

  • One Hour Worktime
  • Semi-Translucent
  • Water Based
  • Paint Effects

Classic Color is a clear water based acrylic glaze when colored with latex paint produces semi translucent colored decorative paint effects. Because it uses your choice of latex paint as the colorant it eliminates the need to mix colors. Classic color acrylic all purpose water based extender is unique in providing up to one hour working time. Plan the effects in two colors, the first is the base coat, often white, the second coat is the colored glaze.