Crown Spra-Tool

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Utilizing the same idea as a commercial or professional spray gun, The Crown Spra Tool comes in a small & easy to use package - capable of spraying virtually any liquid. To help, the Spra Tool comes with 3 nozzle sizes which tackle any viscosity coating.

Common uses

  • Touch up/recoat over blemishes or scratches on automobiles
  • Touch up or Apply Stain & Varnishes to furniture
  • Coat pinewood derby cars
  • Paint trim quickly
  • Match custom colors that you can't buy in regular spray cans

Common Coatings

  • Latex paint
  • Oil paint
  • Stains
  • Varnishes


This tool is meant to be a one-time-use sprayer, but can be used more than once if time is taken to clean it.

  • Water Based Coatings: Run a regular solvent through the system, particularly the nozzle.
  • Oil Based Coatings: Run a solvent which will tackle oil based coatings, we recommend the use of paint thinner

Crown Spra Tool Parts