ChimneyRx Paint and Peel Fireplace Cleaner



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Chimney Paint and Peel cleaner is the perfect solution for cleaning the front of your fireplace. Recommended application with a brush produces a thick, rubbery, non-hazardous film after 6-12 hours depending on environment. After curing, it can easily be removed(peeled) away from the surface.

Paint and Peel Cleaner Details

SizeApprox WeightProduct CodeUPC
1/2 gal 10 lbs 300444 709057380645
  • Preparation: Wipe surface rust with damp cloths. Tape off mantels, glass or any trim or painted surfaces around the surface to be cleaned.
  • Coverage Rate: 40-80 sq. ft. per gallon depending on the texture and density of the surface.
  • Available Sizes: 1/2 gal. gallon containers
  • Application Temperatures: Between 45° – 95° F
  • Application Method: Apply a thick, liberal coat 1/8″ to 3/16″ thickness with a paint brush and or a thick nap roller.
  • Dry Time: Product takes about 6-12 hours to dry depending on conditions.
  • Cleanup: Clean off tools with soap and water.

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