ChimneyRx Creosote Remover



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Creosote is the black, tar-like substance produced by gases in smoke when burning wood. In time it builds up and can create a dangerous environment where chimney fires can start. Creosote is notoriously difficult to remove. Chimney RX Creosote Remover makes it easy to keep your chimney clean by breaking through the creosote quickly.

  • Safe for Use With: Wood, Coal and Pellet Burning Appliances, As Well As Gas Logs
  • Wood: Regular use of this product converts hazardous creosote to a harmless ash or char. Helps reduce further deposits, making the appliance safer to operate and more efficient.
  • Coal: Soot from low grade or improperly burned coal is a serious pollutant. Product can significantly reduce soot and therefore emissions from coal stoves.
  • Pellet Stoves: Reduces accumulations of excess ash from wood-based pellets, and helps prevent clogging of the pellet feed mechanism.
  • Gas Logs: Disperses unsightly carbon buildup on gas logs and helps prevent future accumulation. The result is cleaner burning logs and a more realistic fire.

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